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imacliche_20140228_affiche_web 20.02.14

I’m a Cliché party with Justus Köhncke, DJ Sundae and Cosmo Vitelli

More info here And then: I’m a Cliché party – 29 March – Crackboy (live) / Rouge Mécanique (live) / Cosmo Vitelli I’m a Cliché party – 18 April – Scott Fraser / Moscoman / Cosmo Vitelli I’m a Cliché party – 30 May – Richard Sen / Jamie Paton / Cosmo Vitelli stay tuned  

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artwork 20.02.14

Red Axes – upcoming new EP and first LP

“Kicks Out of You EP” out on March 17, 2014 vinyl/digital. One track is available on Soundcloud now, supported by Ivan Smagghe, John Talabot, Daniel Every, Jennifer Cardini and many more. Check info on the Soundcloud page. “Ballad of the Ice”, the first LP from Red Axes, will be out on April 28 in every format. Check some info as premiered by Resident Advisor.      

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BotOx_SansDormir_Vinyl-Montage 20.02.14

“Sans Dormir” bonus tracks – rare and unreleased

Deluxe version of Bot’Ox new album is out now in every format. Some extracts are available on Soundcloud:   More info on the soundcloud page. And the LP itself: http://www.botoxmusic.com

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affiche_web 27.01.14

I’m a Cliché party week-end Paris/Montpellier

I’m a Cliché party in Paris 31/1 Moscoman @ Batofar, Paris 31/1 I’m a Cliché party in Montpellier 1/2 (w/ Red Axes, Marc Pinol, Cosmo Vitelli) Moscoman @ Chez Moune, Paris, 1/2    

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Bot'Ox - Goodbye Fantasy - titles screen 27.01.14

“Goodbye Fantasy”: Bot’Ox new EP out now + video

Last episode from “Sans Dormir” series Video directed by Pierre Teulières and Clément Vallos, produced by Kuryakin. Plus remixes by Phil Kieran, In Flagranti, Rouge Mécanique and Moscoman. Listen to the EP and read some more info on Bot’Ox website.

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EditService_cover27 18.11.13

I’m a Cliché Edit Service: 27 free edits already

27th delivery by Boot & Tax. Every two weeks, a previously unreleased edit produced by I’m a Cliché’s crew and friends is given away as a free Soundcloud download. Check all the series here and subscribe to the newsletter to keep posted about new ones.  

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BotOx_SansDormir_Vinyl 18.11.13

Bot’Ox new LP is out

Listen to “Sans Dormir” LP full stream: Everything about it here. Check also Deluxe bonus stuff. Tracks on Soundcloud here.

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Botox_Sansdormir_artwork_small 15.10.13

New Bot’Ox album: artwork, release date and tracklist announced

“Sans Dormir” is due to be out on November 6th, on I’m a Cliché. Some info about the tracklist on Resident Advisor. Check videos and excerpts on Bot’Ox website. Or in one single playlist below. Media requests (biog, press pics…) >> imaclichepromo -at- gmail

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affiche_web_ok 15.10.13

I’m a Cliché party – 26 Oct 2013

I’M A CLICHE party samedi 26 octobre 2013 – 0h-6h 5€ avant 1h, 10€ après La Java – 105 rue du Faubourg-du-Temple – Paris 10 http://www.imacliche.com/ http://www.la-java.fr/ fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/187021948148560 We’re celebrating our friend Tim Paris’ new album release on My Favorite Robot. Preview the album here.      

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MOSCOMAN final 15.10.13

Moscoman – Moscoman EP

I’m a Cliché is proud to introduce Moscoman. Although every club in Tel Aviv has known him for years as a DJ, the simply titled “Moscoman EP” is his debut release as a producer. He is named like a bad guy in some comic book about the Cold War, and has recently settled in Berlin, capital of the Iron Curtain. It comes as no surprise that the “Moscoman EP” briefcase includes three spy-friendly discreet, slow-burning and unfailing lethal weapons. Lisen [...]

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affiche 17.07.13

I’m a Cliché party – Sept 6, 2013, Paris

I’m a Cliché Vendredi 6 septembre 2013 – 0h-6h 5€ avant 1h, 10€ après La Java – 105 rue du Faubourg-du-Temple – Paris 10 http://www.imacliche.com / https://www.facebook.com/pages/IM-A-CLICHE/138670535421 http://www.la-java.fr Le label I’m a Cliché revient à la Java et met les bouchées doubles en cette rentrée avec une soirée par mois. La formule reste la même : réunir un plateau de DJs internationaux comme s’il s’agissait d’une science et observer les effets sur le dancefloor. Par chance, les effets sont toujours probants : [...]

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Bot'Ox - Grands Boulevards 19.06.13

Bot’Ox – Grands Boulevards EP

4th extract from “Sans Dormir” LP (to be released by October 2013), here comes Grands Boulevards.   More info on Bot’Ox’s website. Bot’Ox on Facebook

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affiche 7.06.13

I’m a Cliché party in Paris with Ivan Smagghe and Cosmo Vitelli

Further info on this fb page. Hooked-on-prescription-drugs video teaser below:                

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Cosmo Vitelli 2012 (c) Pierre Wax 7.06.13

Two online mixes by Cosmo Vitelli

First one is dancefloor-oriented and was published by Mixmag.   Second one is more like a radio podcast made of rare tracks and was published by The Drone. Listen to it here. Photo (c) Pierre Wax  

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HELP RADIO 3 © Ph. Lebruman DSC_1926 7.06.13

White Water – Daylight EP – out now

  Bot’Ox and their Australian friend Sidwho? going disco in a studio. Plus two remixes by Jacques Renault and Domenico Torti. Disco again. Stream and info here. Shop here. 100% mermaids and mermen video below.    

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BOT'OX La Villa Disco_ 17.04.13

Bot’Ox – The Face of Another EP out now

  More info on Bot’Ox’s website. ++++ April 26, 2013: Bot’Ox @ Printemps de Bourges festival May 5, 2013: Bot’Ox @ Marvellous Island festival, Paris    

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blackmail i'm a cliché remixes cosmo vitelli crackboy 5.04.13

Free EP: Blackmail – I’m a Cliché remixes

  Two tracks free to download in exchange of an email address. “Blackmail – I’m a Cliché remixes EP” is a collaboration between French guitarless rock band Blackmail and I’m a Cliché records. Two of the label’s figureheads, founder Cosmo Vitelli and anonymous acid-hitmaker Crackboy, picked two tracks from Blackmail’s first album “Bones” released earlier this year, and turned them into techno floor-fillers. Both remixes keep some features and the spirit of the originals: vocals from the garage (like in [...]

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Kim Fowley Bot'Ox Arrogant American Pig 5.04.13

Kim Fowley & Bot’Ox – Arrogant American Pig

    American underground rock n’ roll legend Kim Fowley, now aged 74, and Bot’Ox recorded a song together, that is out now. Below you’ll find: – a double video directed by Bot’Ox and Kim Fowley themselves – the soundcloud player if the images are difficult to bear with – the whole story of this single as told by Cosmo Vitelli (1/2 Bot’Ox)         “I contacted Kim Fowley by email a few years ago, having a potential [...]

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Red Axes - Silver Bed EP - I'm a Cliché 13.03.13

Red Axes – Silver Bed EP is out now w/ video

  Red Axes, the duo from Tel Aviv, returns to I’m a Cliché with a third EP on the label (release date: 11 March 2013). The record follows ‘Tour de Chile’ and ’1970′, plus few memorable remixes and edits. The three original tracks of ‘Silver Bed EP’ sometimes leave the dancefloor to a place where psychedelic delight prevails. Aleister Crowley’s presence on the cover, the occult honcho adored by all the hooked musicians from the sixties-seventies, seems to point out [...]

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Bot'Ox 2.4.1 video Ugo Mangin 21.02.13

Bot’Ox new EP and video – 2.4.1

Second part from “Sans Dormir” LP’s 6-piece series is out now. Listen to it here (and buy directly from the player) Soundcloud link More info about the tracks in our “releases” section. “2.4.1.” official video was shot by 25-year old French director Ugo Mangin in Sukhumvit district, Bangkok, Thailand. See it here:

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Bot'Ox 2.4.1 Philippe Lebruman I'm a Cliché 8.02.13

New Bot’Ox EP artwork – “2.4.1″

Two months after “Basement Love“, a new discothèque featured on this artwork by photographer Philippe Lebruman. As for the music, it will be a song by Bot’Ox with remixes by Cosmo Vitelli, Red Axes, Sandro Perri and Sano. Out on February 18. Stay tuned.

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I'm a Cliché London East Village 8.02.13

I’m a Cliché debut London Party – March 2, 2013

Cosmo Vitelli + Crackboy + Red Axes + Tim Paris + Niel Thornton = I’m a Cliché party in London at East Village Club, March 2nd, 2013. Get cheap tickets and info here. FB event here.

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Capture d’écran 2013-02-08 à 10.26.53 8.02.13

Red Axes playing live at the ice rink video

That was on February 1 at I’m a Cliché on Ice, Pailleron ice rink, Paris, France. Next DJ gigs: Ausbourg, Germany 08 Feb Berlin, Germany 09 Feb London, UK (with I’m a Cliché) 02 March

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Crackboy apes capture 8.02.13

Crackboy – Apes (official video)

Crackboy ft Claude Violante – Apes (official video) from I'm A Cliché on Vimeo. extract from Crackboy – Crackwood EP out on I’m a Cliché. Images are from this movie. Editing by Crame.

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Out now: Crackboy – Crackwood EP

Out now on I’m a Cliché: wax + digital. More info here. Soundcloud links here. Wanna see Crackboy‘s face? EP playlisted and supported by Remain, Brodinski, Housemeister, Erol Alkan, Gesaffelstein, Trevor Jackson, Arnaud Rebotini, Jennifer Cardini, Orgasmic, Maelstrom, Mugwump, Daniel Avery, Raudive, Boston Bun, Busy P, Para One, Acid Washed, Tim Sweeney, Max Pask, David Shaw, Days of Being Wild and, well, too many to mention.

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affiche_web_last 23.01.13

I’m a Cliché ice-skating and dancing party on February 1, 2013

Maniaque de la piste de danse depuis sa création par Cosmo Vitelli en 2004, le label I’m a Cliché fait ses premiers pas sur la piste glacée d’une patinoire et propose le 1er février 2013 deux soirées en une nuit : – “I’m a Cliché on Ice” de 20h30 à 23h30 à la patinoire Pailleron, sous le regard bienveillant de Born Bad, hôte depuis quelques années de ces cessions alliant labels indés parisiens et plaisir du patin ; >> avec [...]

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Bot'Ox 2012 c Philippe Lebruman 19.12.12

Bot’Ox – The Story So Far

Basement Love, that was released on December 10, is the first part from the six-pieces album “Sans Dormir”. It’s time to know a little bit more about this band called Bot’Ox (pronounce “botox”). Bot’Ox is a French duo formed in 2005 by Julien Briffaz and Cosmo Vitelli. After a roadtrip to Babylon (Babylon by Car, their 2010 debut album), they’re back haunting abandoned dance floors with their second album Sans Dormir, released progressively over a whole season to make sure [...]

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Bot'Ox - Basement Love - artwork by Philippe Lebruman 12.12.12

New single by Bot’Ox: Basement Love

Bot’Ox present “Basement Love”, the first part of their second album “Sans Dormir”. Two years after their previous LP “Babylon by Car”, Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz decided to unveil this new project through six different moments – call them EPs – like six volumes forming a single story, each one being released every two months. The slow title-song “Basement Love” is released as a way of introduction, along three dancefloor remixes that lift this “basement” up in the air. [...]

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557219_10150967280873040_2014885589_n 12.11.12

I’m a Cliché party Sat 17 Nov 2012 – video teasers

Next Saturday in Paris, it’s party time. All the info in two short videos: I’m a Cliché – 17 Nov 2012 – trailer from Crame on Vimeo. 10LEC6 live teaser – 17/11/2012 @ I’m a Cliché from Crame on Vimeo. Be there on time: 10.30 pm and join on FB.

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lapincygne 25.10.12

It’s Podcast Time

I’m a Cliché people’s mixes are all around the internet – stream and download: – Richard Sen (Padded Cell) was our guest at last I’m a Cliché Party in Paris. Radio Nova broadcasted an excerpt from his se recorded live. Listen to it there. – Red Axes, whose “1970 EP” was recently released on I’m a Cliché, made a podcast for The Drone. Listen to it here and on their soundcloud page. – Cosmo Vitelli, I’m a Cliché’s head, made [...]

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I'm a Cliché Java Richard Fearless 17/11/2012 21.10.12

I’m a Cliché Party, 17 Nov 2012 in Paris w/ Richard Fearless, Low Jack, Cosmo Vitelli and 10Lec6 (live)

(FR) I’m a Cliché samedi 17 novembre 2012 dès 22h30 – jusqu’à 6h entrée : 8 euros http://www.imacliche.com/ fb link live : DixLexSix (10Lec6) DJs : Richard Fearless (Death in Vegas) Low Jack (Get the Curse, In Paradisum) Cosmo Vitelli (I’m a Cliché) Le label I’m a Cliché teste sa vision de la dance music sur la piste de la Java et les résultats sont là : les gens sont des animaux. Pour cette édition particulière, la fête commence plus [...]

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Red Axes 1970 cover 2.10.12

New release: Red Axes – 1970 EP – out Oct 15, 2012

I’m a Cliché is proud to present Red Axes’ second release on the label, a few months after their ‘Tour de Chile’ EP. ‘1970’ EP is composed of three new original tracks by the exciting duo from Tel Aviv. These three rays of light in the batcave confirm what stroke label’s head Cosmo Vitelli most in the first place: their talent in smartly winking at dance music history while integrating all the codes of modern production. 1. “1970”, the title [...]

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edit 1.10.12

I’m a Cliché Edit Service – one new edit every two weeks

  Every two weeks – starting 2012, Oct. 1 – Edit Service offers a new edit to download for free on a dedicated website: http://edit-service.com     First one was produced by Bot’Ox. All will be produced by people from the label and close friends. Stream, download, share, suscribe, follow, everything necessary.  

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484454_3394933603150_318121251_n 10.09.12

I’m a Cliché party, 15 Sept 2012 in Paris w/ Richard Sen, Clément Meyer and Cosmo Vitelli

(FR only, sorry) I’m a Cliché Samedi 15 septembre 2012 – minuit à la Java, 105 rue du Faubourg-du-temple entrée 8 euros http://www.la-java.fr/ http://www.imacliche.com/ Le label parisien I’m a Cliché teste sa vision de la dance music sur la piste de la Java et les résultats sont là : les gens sont des animaux. Le boss du label et résident Cosmo Vitelli, par ailleurs moitié du duo Bot’Ox, a invité pour cette édition le DJ anglais Richard Sen et le [...]

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Dixlexsix_Cover_HD 10.09.12

New release! “DixLexSix EP” by DixLexSix

  I’m a Cliché is about to release (Sept 17) a new EP by French band DixLexSix (fka 10Lec6), featuring five original tracks plus two remixes by In Fields and Raudive. All tracks were produced by Bot’Ox.     Get more info on our releases page. And read what Spin.com says about it.     DJ supports: Erol Alkan, Dirty Soundsystem, Samy Morpheus, Photonz, Gilb’R, Dunwich, Bozwell, Matt Walsh, Red Axes and many more.   Still curious about this mysterious [...]

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diasdegracia 3.06.12

Bot’Ox in multi-awarded OST: Días de Gracia

Bot’Ox made some original tracks for this Mexican film by Everardo Gout, along people such as Massive Attack, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Atticus Ross and Shigeru Umebayashi. Among several prizes, the film was awarded best score at Guadalajara International Film Festival and best score “Ariel” by Academia Mexicana de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas. Preview of the soundtrack : Download link here (perhaps only available in Mexico at this point). Movie trailer with English subtitles here.  

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tumblr_lhajqzKNmX1qbp1kco1_500 28.05.12

The June Fun Race

    – June 1, 2012: Cosmo Vitelli DJ set @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris (La Machine 2nd birthday party). – June 15, 2012: Cosmo Vitelli DJ set @ Like Life party, Le Colisée, Nantes, France. – June 16, 2012: I’m a Cliché party w/ Joakim, Marc Piñol and Cosmo Vitelli @ La Java, Paris. – June 23, 2012: Cosmo Vitelli DJ set @ Wanderlust, Paris. – June 29, 2012: Cosmo Vitelli DJ set @ The Berkeley Suite, [...]

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imacliche20120511new 3.05.12

I’m a Cliché party w/ James Murphy

>> Need any introduction to James Murphy? Think LCD Soundsystem and DFA, from NYC. I’m a Cliché is very glad to have him as a guest on May 11, 2012, at Social Club, Paris. >> Check also Fort Romeau, a young English house music gentleman. >> Cosmo Vitelli, host and I’m a Cliché label’s head. And Crame, I’m a Cliché’s temporary secretary. Win free entrance by suscribing to I’m a Cliché’s newsletter before Sunday. Five names on the guestlist chosen [...]

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fr-0427-350049-11876-front 21.04.12

Coming to town

  Last call for BRANDED party in London tonight April 21 @ East Village. Remember BRANDED is I’m a Cliché and Marketing binational night – Paris, London, Paris, London.   Next: – April 27: I’m a Cliché party @ La Java, Paris, featuring Daniel Avery, Bobmo, Bot’Ox and Cosmo Vitelli. More info and “attend” clicking here. Plus a short trailer:   I’m a Cliché – 27/04/2012 – trailer. – May 11: I’m a Cliché party @ Social Club, Paris, featuring [...]

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tumblr_lzueoesEXX1r4ljqoo1_500 21.04.12

It’s raining podcasts

Some mixes by I’m a Cliché people were aired and uploaded lately. Here are the podcasts links:   COSMO VITELLI – in Beats in Space – live recorded at Branded party in Paris: Cosmo Vitelli live @ Nouveau Caz March12 – EV008 by East Village on Mixcloud   RED AXES latest I’m a Cliché’s signing, in Gouru (podcast + interview in French)   BOT’OX in Novaclub, the Radio Nova dance music programme (this is the first part; second part to [...]

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brandedA 15.03.12

Branded! – A Paris-London Joint

Here are some pictures of a BRANDED party hold in Paris, Nouveau Casino, in November 2011. Next night in Paris, same place, March 31, 2012. More info about this night created by Cosmo Vitelli (I’m a Cliché) and Tim Paris (Marketing) below. fb link: click

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Cosmo Vitelli Mexico 12.03.12

Cosmo Vitelli in Mexico, NYC and Paris

I’m a Cliché’s head Cosmo Vitelli cerca de tu casa: >> 15 March @ El Imperial Club, Mexico >> 16 March @ Topaz Deluxe, Monterrey >> 17 March @ Casa Patrice, Guadalajara, w/ Sequencers, Dan Solo, Daniel Maloso, Rebolledo, Zombies in Miami, Kaiser Chiefs >> 23 March @ Loreley, Brooklyn w/ Kasper Bjørke, Marcos Cabral >> 25 March @ Le Bain, Manhattan >> 29 March @ Café Carmen, Paris >> 31 March @ Nouveau Casino, Paris, w/ Pete Herbert, Tim [...]

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Imacliche_teesh 29.02.12

“Will DJ for E” t-shirts

(FR) Nous avons fait des t-shirts “Will DJ for E” avec le visuel de notre maxi de Crackboy “Something For”. Première distribution le vendredi 2 mars à la Java, Paris, lors de la soirée I’m a Cliché avec Daniele Baldelli, Bot’Ox et Cosmo Vitelli. 15 t-shirts sont réservés aux lecteurs de la newsletter de Tsugi. Mais il y en a aussi 5 pour les tout premiers arrivants qui le réclameront. Conseil : arriver à minuit moins dix. Le mot de [...]

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affiche_web2 15.02.12

I’m a Cliché party ft. Daniele Baldelli, March 2 in Paris

(FR) 2012 avance, la tension est de plus en plus palpable, on se crie dessus sans raison, on tourne en rond comme des singes. Mais pas question de se mettre au yoga. Pour relâcher la pression, rien de tel que de clubber comme des cons. I’m a Cliché, une méthode qui a fait ses preuves. Le vendredi 2 mars à la Java, I’m a Cliché invite le gourou italien Daniele Baldelli. Inventeur du Cosmic Disco, l’homme a organisé entre 1979 [...]

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Cosmo4 10.02.12

Cosmo Vitelli, a ni**a in Paris

Next DJ gigs: – Feb 11th at Mona, La Java, Paris. – Feb 17th w/ Tim Paris at Hänsel und Gretel (Die Nacht), secret place, Paris. – Feb 24th w/ Simian Mobile Disco at La Machine, Paris. Listen to one of his sets recorded live at Versatile’s 15th Birthday at La Machine, Nov 2011:

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Botoxstudio 30.01.12

Bot’Ox is currently recording

See how guys spend their week-ends in studio. Click here to see the video.

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pochette-1 26.01.12

Next Release: Red Axes – Tour de Chile EP

Out February 8, 2012. Click to listen.  

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crackboy 23.01.12

Crackboy works hard for the dope

His “Something For” hit is featured on iTunes compilation French Attack #5. Listen to a 10-track playlist he made for Brain Magazine.

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fr-0106-320466-front 28.12.11

I’m a Cliché Party Jan 6, w/ Jonnie Wilkes (Naum Gabo / Optimo), Bot’Ox, Romain BNO

(text in French – the party’s in Paris) Le label I’m a Cliché teste sa vision de la dance music sur le dancefloor de la Java et les résultats sont là : on en veut encore. Le 6 janvier, il revient avec une proposition de line-up qualité ISO 27002.   – Jonnie Wilkes est la moitié d’Optimo, le duo déjà mythique de Glasgow. Il est aussi le leader du projet studio Naum Gabo, présent sur la dernière sortie I’m a Cliché, [...]

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