Moscoman was ten years old when he made his first mixtape: it was a gift for a girl he had a crush on. Even if she ended up breaking his heart, this incident did not stop his dream of becoming a DJ. Twenty years later, Moscoman has played in almost every club in Tel Aviv and moves to Berlin. In 2013, he releases his first EP on French boutique label I’m a Cliché. This puts him on the map and opens the door for remixes of Bot’Ox, Tristesse Contemporaine, S.R. Krebs tracks on labels such as Record Makers, Days of Being Wild and Relish Records.

With influences ranging from a wide spectrum of both rock and electronic music, Moscoman draws inspiration from the deep and dark sound of Tel Aviv’s eighties punk scene but also from his unabashed passion for dance music by and large. With tracks and remixes that showcase live instruments along with the usual synthetic suspects, Moscoman is part of those producers for whom it’s essential to inject some rock’n’roll energy to the dancefloor. For him, it’s all about coming up with a sound both heavy and gritty.

This utterly talented producer is the quintessential dark horse: mysterious and rooted in the underground there is no doubt this producer is going to emerge to prominence in the coming year. And his aptly named Dark Horse EP on I'm A Cliché certainly is a case-in-point...

(Biog: Sept. 2014)

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