Literature Study Regarding Anabolic Steroids

Despite a legal ban, there is a chance that growth hormones, the so-called anabolic steroids, that Jar, Pills, Medicine, Bottle, Medicationusually look like anabolics com that are used in animal husbandry to promote the growth of slaughter animals. Two other hormones are prolactin and somatotropin that cause greater milk production. There is a possibility that the use of these two hormones will be prohibited due to possible negative effects on public health. For the detection of both classes of hormones in milk, blood, etc., o.h.a. no good methods available yet. The hormone must be purified before detection or confirmation takes place. In this report, a number of purification methods using affinity chromatography that are found with a computer-literature search will be discussed. The search yielded a large number of alternatives. The anabolic steroids can be purified by using tomatine, antibodies or carrier proteins as a ligand in affinity chromatography. A potentially very interesting method for multi-residue analysis is affinity chromatography with silica with tomatine ligands. Due to the considerable differences in elution times, there are good prospects for highly selective separation.

Moreover, the laboratories of the Foundation for Plant Breeding in Wageningen have a great deal of experience and knowledge in the field of tomatine and related compounds. Good results have also been achieved with the use of antibodies. In addition to a high recovery, it turned out that the affinity columns could be used more than 50 times without deteriorating. A disadvantage of the antibody applications is that this is a mono residue analysis method. Purification of prolactin and somatotropin can take place on the basis of commercially available products and on the basis of antibodies such as ligand. The advantage of the first method is that all supplies are immediately available, the disadvantage is often the laboriousness. Here, too, the antibody method comes to the fore.

December 20, 2019