Cliché 066

Sorted by Cosmo Vitelli / 10 Tracks That Would Help You For Cooking But Would Clear The Dancefloor

Cosmo Vitelli’s label I’M A CLICHÉ might have run pretty low-key to the eyes of some but during its 12 years of activity, it managed to find its own path strong of 70 releases with a much enviable sonic cohesion while having a fine nose for talent: among other proud achievements, the label hatched the career of Israeli super-duo Red Axes and released Azari & III’s “Hungry For The Power” 6 months before it became a worldwide classic.
A dozen years during which the label’s tastes bended more and more towards a very peculiar type of synth pop and synth wave, too.

This year will see the release of retrospective compilations, each exploring the main traits and moods of its vast catalog.
The first one, “10 TRACKS THAT MIGHT HELP YOU FOR COOKING BUT WOULD CLEAR THE DANCEFLOOR” is obviously not touching I’M A CLICHÉ’s arsenal of club weapons.
It’s fair to say most of the music here either displays a feel of in-betweenness, or menace and tension—not unlike preparation scenes from a heist movie.

Cosmo Vitelli rounded up a selection spanning over the last decade, from UNCLE O’s skeletal beats to ETIENNE JAUMET’s modular synth jams, from ENTERTAINMENT’s droning melodies and warehouse-reverberating drums to DIRTY 30′s (actually Alixander III from Azari & III) twisted jazz-funk-leaning disco, or the misty psychedelia of RED AXES’ “Dreams Like A Tale”.

It’s also a glance back at COSMO VITELLI’s own discography, through his 2006 single “Delayer” here remixed by Quiet Village over 10 minutes and two tracks from his band BOT’OX’ second album (2013), all linked by the feeling that escapism can somehow be an urban affair too. Here and now.