Cliché 065

Jonathan Kusuma / Automatone EP

Two years after the release of his acclaimed debut on I’m a Cliché the “GONG 3000” EP, Jakarta’s best kept secret is back on Cosmo Vitelli’s imprint with four terrific original tracks. Jonathan Kusuma is a producer who has managed in the space of a few releases and remixes to develop a signature sound which mostly relies on taking disco and EBM elements and putting them in new and unexpected contexts, offering us a glimpse of what modern dance music would sound like if house and techno had never existed.

Narcotic, hedonistic, abstract and particularly efficient on the dancefloor, Kusuma’s music is always about quality and never about quantity and so we are particularly thrilled to share with the world the four new tracks that constitute this EP.


The EP opens with this streamlined yet highly efficient tune of a robotic persuasion. Kusuma uses thick sub bass, a round edged groove, metallic percussion, dramatic sweeps and synthetic spurts to create a track that sounds like a sleek machine with a highly polished take on the Power Electronics sound tailored for the dancefloor.

It is one of Kusuma’s strong suits to produce tracks with a disco kit that go beyond the usual confines of the genre. Here’s a fine example of this. With latin percussion, arpeggios and several layers of melody, the robotic feel is still present but less so than on the previous track. Theres an element of darkness, as hinted by the track title, if they had discos in Tolkien’s universe, DJs would probably spin this.

Somewhere between EBM and disco, this is a tune driven by a hypnotic yet utterly groovy analog bassline along with warm percussion sounds, catchy melody and mind-boggling effects. This tune sounds like the soundtrack to a chase scene in the backstreets of Jakarta and it is guaranteed to induce movement on the dancefloor.

Closing the EP is this dramatic rhythm track that goes way beyond your usual DJ tool. Hand percussion is given a subtle beat repeat treatment, noisy bleeps, eerie vocal samples and arresting pads are used to great effect. It’s another example of Kusuma’s signature sound, tribal and psychedelic but refined and never out of touch.

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