Cliché 27 - Alixander Iii : Pyramid Couture Ep

Cliché 27

Alixander Iii / Pyramid Couture Ep

Alixander III may be hard to follow with all his aliases.

As part of the duo Azari & III, I’m a Cliché has already been a home for last year’s burner “Hungry for the Power”(a Proto Jackin’ House 2.0 and proper hit). He also had his solo imprint here as Dirty 30 two years ago.

Recently , he sent us a bunch of his own unreleased stuffs and we are very excited to release them today.

So you will find here 3 new tracks in his distinctly recognizable sound that blurs the borders of funk, disco, acid-house : in solo, as Alixander III, or with one of his many side-projects, Rainbros.

To make the EP complete, the opportunity was given to us to re-release a track we were fan of, Rip it Off,  an implied reference to the Jah Wobble wich brings here a great live, epic touch to the 12″.