Cliché 28

Bot'Ox / Overdrive

After hitting toy’s in slow motion, Bot’Ox puts it into gear and takes to the Autobahn, with uptempo drums, mad synth lines and freaky naive melody at the next left turn. “Overdrive” could have been a perfect horror movie soundtrack, something like the Pop Corn theme covered by D.A.F.

Always ending the show on the bands new live set, this track has created a mass hysteria, so they decided to release it as the last EP before the album, due to come this Fall.

The 12” comes with 4 great remixes.
Morgan Geist, of Metro Area fame and Environ’s head oncho, adds a furious groove to the original while keeping the tension alive.

French duo Logo, some of our favorite newcomers, take it straight to the dancefloor.

Fabrizio Mammarella  (Clap Rules /DFA) brings his production skills to make it a disco funk killer and last but not least, “Welcome Stranger” ( aka Thomas Bulllock from Rub n Tug) uses the handbrake to give us a deep, beatless and dubbed out version.