Cosmo Vitelli - Night Dogs Ep

Cliché 33

Cosmo Vitelli / Night Dogs Ep

Cosmo Vitelli, I’m a Cliché’s founder and head, heard the voice of our unruly feet after taking us on a long car journey with Bot’Ox. Night Dogs is his first solo EP in a long time. And he’s back to the dancefloor with an unexpectedly nervous pace.

Night Dogs: The main track is a disco-core nocturnal chase, a dark hi-nrg anti-anthem. It features vocals in Korean by visual artist and musician Nakion who has just released an album on Tigersushi records.

Running Backwards: For this one, Cosmo goes techno. Get a drink and let your shoes lead you backward. You’ll get a picture of the track’s both dizzy and self-assured feeling.

Night Dogs (Daniel Maloso remix): Daniel Maloso of the Hispanic-electronic Cómeme community fame, applies his unquiet dog beats to the track: hard bones and twisted muscles.

Night Dogs (Tim Paris remix): Tim Paris from Paris-London, half of It’s a Fine Line with Ivan Smagghe and half of Challenge with Pete Herbert, gets emotional here. It’s like some indie art-rock band playing, though you’re still dancing.