Hannulelauri - Dysfunction

Cliché 34

Hannulelauri / Dysfunction Ep

Dysfunction, Hannulelauri’s first EP on I’m a Cliché goes beyond the dreamy, cosmic atmosphere of their previous releases and remixes on other eurodisco labels. The duo’s new sound still sends us floating but with an edgier, more toxic ride.

Hannu and Lauri aka Hannulelauri created a track for I’m a Cliché, a remix of Bot’Ox’s hit “Blue Steel”. This track inspired the label to make more room for the Finnish duo and bring their new music into its discography.

These two have been active figures in Helsinki’s club scene for quite a while, producing music together since 2006. When they crossed the borders of Finland, the name of the band was pretty hard to retain but it didn’t take long for all the bigwigs of modern disco to memorize it.

Two originals and a selection of remixes:

Dysfunction steps into the territory of deep melodic house with a classic resonance

Box of Box throws around some fun rough beats

Toby Tobias’ remix of Dysfunction is iced with elegance and soulfulness

Populette’s remix of Box of Box is the new best friend of house dancers

As digital bonuses, two additional remixes of Dysfunction by Marcos Cabral (half-Runaway) and Domenico Torti (known for his production work with Dimitri from Paris)