Crackboy - Something For

Cliché 36

Crackboy / Something For Ep

“Something For”, I’m a Cliché’s new release, is a bouquet of dancefloor arrows carved and poisoned by the anonymous Crackboy of Paris and aimed at twisted dancers looking for a quick high.

Crackboy’s real identity shall not be revealed. The holder of the moniker just wants it to be one of those names associated with underground hits that you know for the sweat, not for the fame.

The well-known heavy vocal sample included in “Something For” fills in the blank and says it all as for the track’s musical lineage: “something for your mind, your body and your soul”. Your insane mind, your robot-gone-wild body and your fanatic soul, that is.

“More Order” pushes you onto the right track: a spiral. Perfect tool for mastering the crowd.

“Hilinner (HiNRG mix)” adds some jacking and acid-soft penetration to the original mix released earlier in 2011 by fellow Paris label Get the Curse.

Supported by: Brodinsky, TomBoy, Erol Alkan, Jean Nipon, Clément Meyer, Joakim, Matt Walsh, Photonz, Munk, Das Glow, Danton Eeprom, Remain, Max Pask, Riotous Rockers