Bot'Ox Ft Foremost Poets - Perfect Pair

Cliché 37

Bot'Ox / Perfect Pair Ep

Bot’Ox guys, Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz, perfect pair of its kind, return where they somehow belong: the dancefloor of a club. Their remixes for other artists – Logo, Aladdin and even the unexpected Toxic Avenger – showed their soft spot for dancing, lately. This pair of tracks brings something special as they feature The Foremost Poets for the vocal part..

A figure of the underground dance music wall of fame, The Foremost Poets aka jOHNNYDANGEROUs is also a voice that techno and deep house lovers keep in a corner of their imagination: “I’ll beat that bitch with a bat”, “Reasons to be Dismal”, “Moonraker”, “Pressin’ On”….

Two versions of “Perfect Pair” are proposed along the most classical standards: an “original” one and a “dub” 13-minutes one. Each of them have their own progressive, undated flavor.

MixMag’s ‘Tune of the month’ 5/5