Various Artists - FIT Vol.1

Cliché 38

Various / Fit Vol.1

If I‘m a Cliché were a home, Fit would be the guest room. I‘m a Cliché has some relatives – whether distant or close – who happen to produce isolated gems that just have to be released. The first volume of Fit gathers four dance tracks made by different people based in various countries. Fitting I‘m a Cliché‘s artistic view is the only thing they have in common, and it means a lot to the label..

1. Fit opens with a Hardway Bros‘ track entitled “A Diabolical Liberty“. The Englishman Sean Johnston took his loose-fitting clothes out of the closet. While climaxing with a Rolling Stones piano sample, the song is an obvious and devilish ode to the Baggy sound.

2. Liv Spencer (Still Going, House of House) and Max Pask (Populette), two Frenchies based in NYC, temporarily associated (hence their Spencerpask moniker) to create “Way Too Long“. A naive yet powerful little tune is the beauty secret of this one.

3. “Iris“ was composed by Naum Gabo, the studio project of Jonnie Wilkes, half of Optimo and one of our favourite DJs. It‘s like C2 was coming from Glasgow.

4. Fit closes with a “Side Effect“ of Booze. The effect is hard given the composure: some no- wave macerated in 2011 dance sweat. The cooks : Milo Smee (check his “Heavenz Gate“ release on I‘m a Cliché earlier this year under his Binary Chaffinch moniker) and Demian Castellanos from The Oscillation. They are releasing two LPs these days on All Time Low.