Red Axes - Tour De Chile

Cliché 39

Red Axes / Tour De Chile Ep

Tel Aviv based duo Red Axes takes you on a “Tour de Chile” and we suspect one of the tourist attractions being some dirty leather club hidden in a former gold mine.

Producers and DJs Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi have got a new wave and post-punk background as members of another band called Red Cotton, and one can hear it from the EBM-ish dark techno sounds of the three original tracks featured in the “Tour de Chile” EP. They go along with two remixes by Soft Rocks and Bobmo.

01. “Tour de Chile” follows a mine-trolley on the tracks of hell.
02. “Sun Goes Down” shows some restricted angst with its slow-mo jacking.
03. “On and On” is undoubtedly operated by a nasty robot promoting its own conception of groove.
04. “Tour de Chile (Soft Rocks dark and stormy remix)” has nothing soft; rather, its binary obsession hardens the mood of the original.
05. “On and On (Bobmo remix)” add the ravey twist that the French Boy is keen on.