DixLexSix - DixLexSix EP

Cliché 40

Dixlexsix / Dixlexsix EP

“DixLexSix EP” is the first release on I’m a Cliché by Dixlexsix, a quite unusual punk band who would open for Gossip in France biggest rooms in front of stupefied audiences, and whose member Jess was part of renowned French Touch act Jess & Crabbe.

Dixlexsix have been producing since 2004 what seems to be the soundtrack of a range of childhood troubles:

- dyslexia – their name was previously spelled 10Lec6;

- extreme agitation – their music has been a series of rushes of hardcore punk anger and wild races in a dancey post-punk way;

- phobias – the clown character covering this I’m a Cliché release is not exactly friendly;

- even strabismus – “Crossed Eyed Girl” is the main track here.

This EP follows two LPs and a bunch of EPs that were released on Fiat Lux, Rough Trade and Italians Do It Better. The five original songs, with such lilting titles as “Sticky”, are driven by drums and a single female voice, poppy at times, restless always. They were all produced by I’m a Cliché’s champion duet Bot’Ox.

The two remixes of “Crossed Eyed Girl” deepen the post-punk / no-wave aesthetics of the original, each one in its own way:

- dance-rock with In Fields, a duo from London whose previous production and remixes were released by Labelle, Kill Em All or Moshi Moshi.

- bongo techno with Raudive aka Oliver Ho and half of The Eyes in the Heat.