Crackboy-Crackwood Ep

Cliché 43

Crackboy / Crackwood Ep

Crackboy returns to I’m a Cliché for a second EP with the label. Crackboy, the mysterious and anynomous beat junkie, so skilled at blending timeless hyper dirty sounds, for the first time has made room for original vocals. He presents three new killer tracks.

1. First track “Apes” is a sexy house song made for taking one’s shirt off on the dancefloor. Vocals are sung by a previous member of the band Haussmann, Claude Violante, now colabrorating with Crackboy for her solo projects.

2. On the second “User”, a sampled ghettoish speech with aggressive claps and ecstatic chords leads to climax halfway through. “The fucking monkeys are coming”, says the guy. Picture them on the dancefloor, now.

3. The closing track “Kiddo” is all about muscled acid and soundsystems being given a rough time.