Bot'Ox - 2.4.1. EP

Cliché 44

Bot’Ox / 2.4.1 Ep

“2.4.1” is the second track to be unveiled from “Sans Dormir”, the second Bot’Ox LP. Two months after “Basement Love”, this second episode of a six-piece series reminds the two guys of the sound of California. No doubt it is less dark than the previous one. However, it does not really qualify as sunshine pop. The single is presented with four remixes from Paris, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Medellin.

2.4.1 The artificially low voice of a man who has not been lucky in love matters tells us how money leads to trouble. Sami Osta, one of the band’s friends and partners, is the one who says this text written by Anna Jean, already responsible for some vocals on the previous LP, most notably on Blue Steel single. The production, driven by drums and guitar textures, is balanced between its complexity and the laid-back impression that the song leaves.

2.4.1 (Cosmo Vitelli remix) Just as he did for Basement Love, Cosmo Vitelli, one half of Bot’Ox, gives us his dancefloor style take on the track. But the result is far from a simple “club edit”. He explores new and rich melodic, instrumental and rhythm paths. The eight-minute track is divided into several distinct sections.

2.4.1 (Red Axes remix) Red Axes, the Israeli duo who signed two EPs and several memorable edits with I’m a Cliché, worked to change “2.4.1” into a discoish post-punk ballade.

2.4.1 (Sandro Perri remix) A member of the famous label Constellation since 2003, the Canadian producer stays close to the original while deepening its soft-rock features. Less vocals, more guitar solo.

2.4.1 (Sano ‘Money remix’) Young Colombian producer from the Cómeme family changes “2.4.1” into an acid track. And one comes to consider what kind of a drug mix can result into this weird alliance between a weighty voice and jerky moves.