Bot'Ox - Grands Boulevards EP

Cliché 51

Bot'Ox / Grands Boulevards Ep

Those who know Paris and the Grands Boulevards area, famous for its club nightlife, will notice that the three remixes match more accurately than the original with the techno indie dark sound that one can hear in those clubs. All three producers chose to highlight the softer side of Grands Boulevards – the piano, the backing vocals… – while driving it to serious dancefloor business. Following Pachanga Boys, Raudive, Red Axes, Richard Fearless, Cosmo Vitelli, Tevo Howard and others on previous EPs, I’m a Cliché kept searching throughout the globe for best remixers:

- Jared Wilson, from Detroit: his remix is all about acid beats and synth lines going solo (and crazy)

- Roundhouse Kick, another duet, this time from Portugal: their track starts like a romantic sunset techno track and ends with dancers begging for more.