Moscoman - Moscoman EP

Cliché 52

Moscoman / Moscoman Ep

I’m a Cliché is proud to introduce Moscoman. Although every club in Tel Aviv has known him for years as a DJ, the simply titled “Moscoman EP” is his debut release as a producer.

He is named like a bad guy in some comic book about the Cold War, and has recently settled in Berlin, capital of the Iron Curtain. It comes as no surprise that the “Moscoman EP” briefcase includes three spy-friendly discreet, slow-burning and unfailing lethal weapons.

“Fuse of Hell”, “Misled Loophole” and “Feos Chaos” are six or seven minutes long instrumental techno tracks, all driven by bass lines that stick to one’s brain and playful drums.

“Moscoman EP” is the tenth release this year by I’m a Cliché, the French label founded by Cosmo Vitelli in 2004. Featured artists have been Bot’Ox – Cosmo Vitelli’s own band and their spin-offs, In Fields, Red Axes, Crackboy… Besides these records, there also has been the Edit Service series : one free download avery two weeks. Two of them were offered by new signing Moscoman. Coming soon are Bot’Ox’s second album and Red Axes’ first one.