Cliché edit service 001

Various Artists / Edit Service 001

In the last few years, I’m a Cliché’s Edit Service has established itself as constant source of quality edits for DJs and music lovers. The concept is very simple. Every two weeks or so, the label shares with the world an edit made by artists from its roster or producers it likes, ranging from Trevor Jackson to It’s a Fine Line, from Young Marco to Marvin & Guy, from Bot’Ox to Crackboy…

RED AXES – Der Sexa An elegant synthetic groove where lush female vocals, a genuine bass guitar line and plucked strings of an oriental persuasion gradually make an appearance. A build-up leading to a fantastic breakdown from the original track kept intact before the edit kicks back in. A distinctive and catchy edit that bears the Israeli duo’s unique signature sound. The duo from Tel Aviv are long partners of I’m a Cliché. Edit Service #2 or #29 are memorable edits of the series. They also released 5 eps with the label, and their first LP Ballad of the Ice in 2014.

ROUGE MECANIQUE – Cosi Cosi Ominous synths, spoken word and an atmosphere that conjures images of dystopian horror. A slow pulse of a beat that gradually picks up and funcky guitar licks: there’s light at the end of tunnel as the edit goes from dark to hedonistic. 10 blissful minutes crafted with class by French producer Roman Azzaro under his Rouge mécanique alias. This edit is the first collaboration between the Berlin-based French producer and I’m a Cliché.