Everything You must Know before Betting on eSports

It should not come as a surprise that there are thousands of people who love betting on eSports players and teams. Needless to say, if you have made a bet on football before, eSports similar to FIFA is pretty straightforward to bet on. To give you an example, since FIFA eWorld Cup came to existence, there has been countless of betting sites that tried to make betting on this tournament be as popular as the real world.

Other Game Titles to Bet on eSports

Annually, there appears to be another game that is set to become the newest eSport sensation. From Heartstone to Player Unknown Battlegrounds, there is always something new that can be taken on eSports to bet on. Whether you wish to keep it simple with classic Street Fighter V bets or want to go something deeper such as on StarCraft II, there is something that fits your preferences.

Hosted eSports Tournaments

The world of eSports houses some of the largest sporting events in terms of viewership, prize pool and attendance. This is something that even regular gambling games and casino games like gratis gewinnspiele can’t match. Respectable eSports betting site isn’t just going to cover the majority of the tournaments but also, will be offering betting options on smaller tournaments as well as e-leagues worldwide.

In relation to viewership, League of Legends World Championship is pretty huge with almost 4 million viewers watching. Likewise, the likes of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice and Fortnite World Cup all have viewer attendance that reaches millions easily. But with regards to prize pool as well as betting interest, there is one game that rules them all, which is DOTA 2’s premier event. It is popularly known as “The International” which generated an immense $34.3 million prize pool back in 2019.

Betting on eSports

The moment that you have decided to bet on eSports, the next thing that you ought to do is to search for the best and top eSports betting site. There is a huge list of gambling sites online that are now facilitating eSports betting from the traditional bookmakers similar to Betway and Bet365 to dedicated eSports betting sites similar to GG.Bet and ArcaneBet.

Some of the betting sites are even focusing on the most popular competitions for CS:GO, LoL and DOTA 2 whereas some of the dedicated betting eSport sites have constant range of eSports live betting odds and prematch to offer more niche games.

July 3, 2021