Kanye West Says “Follow God” in Jesus is King Album Yet Takes Pride in Following Donald Trump

Kanyes West finally released his “Jesus is King” album last October 25, 2019 but so far, the track included songs that freaked out fans and nearly everyone who never developed a liking for Kanye as a person.

One song, “Follow God” in particular seems not to be genuinely coming from Kanye’s heart if he truly meant following Jesus. Through the song, Kanye tries to convey struggles in living the life of a public figure and of trying to stay in the right path by following what his “Father” tells him as Christ-like.

Yet, Kanye beseeching with the intro line “Father, I stretch, stretch my hands to you,” lacks sincerity.

What Kanye Actually Says, Wants or Follows are Not Exactly “Christ-like.”

It is quite difficult to reconcile the rapper’s desire to truly follow God when matched with his plans and views.

First off, Kanye recently proclaimed himself in an interview as

“unquestionably, undoubtedly, the greatest human artist of all time,”

Apparently, Kanye has no qualms about narcissism or vanity just like his counterculture demigod, Donald Trump. In fact he takes pride in being a follower of a leader who heralds himself as “the most successful president in the history of America.” Regardless of what Trump and Kanye have achieved, both are obviously not aware that vanity is not at all Christ-like.

Kanye scoffs at those who criticize him for supporting Trump by saying his endorsement is a delivery of a “divine “joke” on the democrats.

Secondly, Kanye West envisions himself as the next U.S. president by year 2024; hardly the best plan for one who dislikes being a public figure. Still, he is sure it will happen, since he prophetically told DJ Pharris of Chicago’s Power 92 radio station that “If I decide to do it, it will be done.” The rapper asserts that he is not going to try since he is 100 percent sure that it would happen in 2024.

Although Kanye says he will be a centrist by also adhering to Bernie Sanders’ policies, he contradicts himself by saying that once he becomes the president, he will make sure that the medical industry will flourish.

Seriously, in listening to Kanye’s “Follow God”, one cannot help but wonder who Kanye is referring to as the father or god he intends to follow.

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October 26, 2019

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Surgery Recovery with Music?

How many tens of thousands of individuals around the world have a surgical process each day? Just having a plastic surgery tampa alone, there are thousands of people everyday having this procedure. Considering that many municipal hospitals have we can safely assume there are at least 50,000 daily. Daily people have adverse reactions to the anesthesia associated with whether or not a local anesthesia their surgery, a regional anesthesia or a general anesthesia. Common side-effects are:

  1. Nausea


  2. Blurred vision
  3. Temporary loss of memory
  4. Loss of desire
  5. Headache

Obviously the dangers that are severe are carried by anesthesia and as a effect of these fluctuations in heart rhythms and blood pressure, stroke and heart attack through operation can happen. According to WebMD,”death or severe illness or trauma due solely on anesthesia is uncommon and is generally also linked to complications in the operation. Death happens in about 1 in 250,000 individuals receiving general anesthesia, but risks are higher for all those people with severe health ailments.”

But wait! Why subject yourself to complications and the dangers once you may add music and reduce the quantity of anesthesia you have to be given?

The areas of nursing studies and music therapy have conducted hundreds of research documenting the advantage of music prior to, during and following operation.

The occurrence of music synchronizes a individual’s breathing and heartbeat and is potent. It’s doubly powerful since the continuous instrumental music goes right through the cranial nerve when delivered via headphones, also room and entrains the while obstructing room discussions that are operating sounds that may be. During replacement, By way of instance, there’s currently hammering, drilling and sawing! If there is a patient under general anesthesia, a number can result in the individual to awaken with stress and panic and of noises penetrate into the subconscious.

The individual requires less anesthesia through stress meds before, and pain and stress medication After the patient brings the songs that is perfect into operation with ear buds or headphones to provide it! Physicians offer music for the individual in the operating area, although It’s such an easy intervention.

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October 25, 2019

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The Truth About Whether Dogs Can Hear Music or Not

Either when we you are at home doing chores or in a drive, there is nothing better than playing your favorite songs knowing that your dogs can appreciate it. Almost all dog lovers are dreaming of going on a road trip with their dogs while enjoying the scenery, wind, and music. Also, during on a picnic, while your dog is enjoying his favorite dog food bought here But the question here is, does your dog really appreciating the music or is it just you? Do you just keep on believing yourself that your dog is also having a good time?

While dogs can hear things such as our you, dogs’ bark, and even small movements, there is no guarantee that our dogs like listening to the same music because most probably, they do not understand it.

If you are really curious on whether your dog like what you are listening to, you must look for these signs:

  1. 1. You will know if your dog appreciates the music if it reacts when you suddenly change the song. This only means that it knows when the song is changed because of their reactions.
  2. 2. When you start to play a certain song, especially happy ones, they will get excited, bark, jump. and run around the house or the garden.
  3. 3. Try different genres. According to studies, dogs know how to react based on the song’s theme. For example, if you play rock music, they may get irritated and even start making noises. But if you play a soft or a classical one, they might stay quiet because the song is relaxing to their ears.
  4. 4. Dogs are smart. If you will remember the days when you were training your dog, they can remember a specific sound. For example, if he/she did a good job of fetching the ball, you will snap your fingers before giving the treat.

These are just some of the signs you may look for if you want to make sure your appreciates your music. One of the easiest way is to try chancing from soft genre to a hard genre.

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October 15, 2019