5 Tips for Leveraging SEO by Music Artists

Music Artist


So, you simply created an internet site so your fans can learn more about you and your music, but you don’t understand how to urge fans to your website without paying for ads. As a musician with an internet site, you ought to practice different SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to form the website experience better for your fans and facilitate your to realize new ones within the process. This is often something many artists bear because they’ve never explored the globe of SEO. SEO is all about generating organic traffic to your website, which may be done through optimizing your website and can improve your rankings within the SERP (search engine results page).

To facilitate your climb up the search rankings and gain more exposure, we’ve put together 5 SEO tips for musicians.

1. Keyword Research

SEO for artists is all about branded keywords. Branded keywords can include your nom de guerre, album names, song names, lyrics, music style, performance dates, interviews, and more. As an example, there’s a high search volume around Coldplay’s branded keywords.

Even if nobody is discovering these keywords in an organic search, it doesn’t mean there’s not a chance. You’ll be able to create original content around these search terms to higher serve what your fans are looking for to reinforce the fan experience. An honest amount of keywords to strive for is between five and 10. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool are good tools to use to urge started. The keywords you decide on for this may be used within your META tags.

2. META Tags

META tags are only found within the page’s HTML and describe a page’s content. The keywords you discovered within the previous step may be plugged into your META tags. META tags also include a relevant title and outline for your page and are shown when people enter a question into Google. This usually determines whether or not people will click on your link, so it’s vital to be descriptive.


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3. Link Building

Building up your backlink profile is incredibly important when it involves SEO. Your backlink profile contains every link that somebody has ever shared of yours. Authoritative links are a requirement when it involves a decent backlink profile. These are links that are linked to your website and that have high domain authority. An element of your link-building strategy is exchanging links with high-authority websites, like industry websites and relatable blogs. Google uses backlinks to enhance your search visibility.

Anchor text is another major factor when it involves link building. Ensuring the link has keyword-rich anchor text could be a good way to urge a page ranking for a targeted keyword. In keeping with MOZ, when linking to a different document or location on the net, anchor text is that the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display.

Follow and no-follow links are important to seem out for also. For SEO purposes, all links pointing back to your website must be “follow” links to share the SEO juice. Follow links also help your page move up within the SERP and boost your page rank. A no-follow link could be a link that doesn’t boost your page rank or help your page’s ranking within the SERPs; search engines don’t count no-follow links.

You should be creating link opportunities through your content to make an excellent backlink profile. Link building can help increase your exposure among fans, and you’ll be able to use social networks to create up your backlink profile. You’ll be able to also use this as a chance to form relationships with other musicians and industry stars.

4. Fresh Content

Creating new and unique content is essential when it involves SEO. What will signal Google to crawl your site more is updating your site as often as possible. As an artist, you have got the advantage to form unique content that’s only yours, but you have got to place it into words because Google can’t interpret audio, video, and images. Creating content about upcoming shows, album releases, and new merch can all drive traffic to your website, and developing a content calendar can facilitate your to manage everything from blog posts to social media posts.

5. Analytics

Monitoring the traffic your website receives is extremely important. Knowing which pages get the foremost and slimmest of traffic can facilitate your better optimize your site. There are many free analytics tools out there that will facilitate your analyze your site.

You’ll start optimizing your website, creating unique content, and exposing your music to new fans, Now that you simply have the essential SEO tips. On the other hand, you can always hire search engine optimization experts to help you out with your SEO journey.



December 16, 2021