Music For Garden Plants And Flowers

For many people, beautiful and healthy green and flowering plants are simply part of a feel-good atmosphere. No matter whether in the house or apartment, on the balcony, or in your own garden, individual planting is essential.

There are many ways to promote plant growth and health, starting with a suitable container and ending with sufficient sunlight. You can also put screens in your garden to protect them. For screens, a popular choice in black is common.

On the other hand, one of the more unconventional methods of positively supporting plant development is music, which, if chosen correctly, is said to make plants grow faster.

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Do garden plants really grow faster with music playing?

It is no longer a secret that music can have numerous positive effects on the well-being of humans and animals. Playing music to the indoor and balcony plants in order to stimulate their growth certainly seems rather strange to most people. In fact, scientific studies have shown that music can have a positive effect on health and, above all, on the growth of plants. The reason for this lies in the nature of the plant cells. These contain membranes that respond to sounds of any kind. Certain noises or sound waves stimulate the metabolism in the cells and cause the plants to open their pores. Even if plants and flowers naturally don’t have ears, it still plays a role in them.

Which music has positive effects on plant growth?

Extensive experiments have shown that the timbre of the music determines whether a plant is stimulated to grow or not. Accordingly, classical and especially soft pieces of music have a particularly positive effect on plant health.

On the other hand, if the plants are exposed to harsh sounds such as rock or metal, these may have the opposite effect and the plants may even wither away. The plants, which were regularly played with classical music as part of the experiments, bore more and larger fruits or had larger leaves and flowers. If you want to do something good for your plants, you should rely on gentle sounds more often.

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December 26, 2022

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